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My photography journey started early in 2018. I was given a used entry-level camera and I loved it! I quickly started studying techniques and all the different styles of photography. In the first year, I fell in love with landscape photography, capturing the beauty of the world around us. I learned everything I could to take the highest quality photos possible. Fast forward three years and a few thousand dollars in camera equipment, I made it to my first racing event. The first photo I captured I was so excited to see the real moment of true action caught in a single frame! After that, I started pursuing motorsports photography and landscapes. There is no better feeling than capturing the best moments of life on a camera no matter if it’s of a car or a picture of a lake. Every time I take a photograph, my goal is to capture the highest quality moment. I love capturing real moments, with real emotion in them. I am a dedicated photographer that will only strive to provide the most premium experience possible. I travel to a variety of events to capture as many moments as I can. I look forward to the adventures and the moments that I will get the opportunity to capture! No matter what photography service you need, I will provide the best experience possible to capture your best moments! Now proudly started in 2022 I officially launched ZEN Media Services, the perfect name to put on all of my photos, and I thank you for taking the time to stop by my website and learn about me and my journey!

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